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Pre-raisetheroof ramblings

Written in my journal on Thursday the 8th of October, 10.30pm, the night before WONKALAND:

Is there a coherent thought that can be heard through the clatter in my brain and this complete physical exhaustion?

Im a wimp but there it is.

Incredibly, the things that have bothered me today have been unwashed cutlery and the apparent dossing around of other people in my vicinity.  Today, carefree people have appeared to me as utter bastards.  How dare you walk around all chilled out whilst I am currently enslaved by raisetheroof and household chores?!

Having said that though, without pay, so many people have helped to bring this event together. This amazes and humbles me.  All the decor making, fireproofing, emailing, loading, unloading, flyering, negotiating. My sister and our friend Tony have worked two nights a week (thats after a full days work and making sure a child is fed, watered and asleep) to make inflatable stars to showcase at raisetheroof. They have researched how to make them, drawn up designs, bought the fabrics and the fans that inflate them and rumour has it the end result it pretty spectacular. They will be driving these up along with lots of other beautiful handmade things for raisetheroof and all they will get is some petrol money in return. Im sure they have other purposes for their decor but it seems we are hell bent on this event. Have I remembered why?

Burning Man was an incredible inspiration. During the festival I wrote five things down, five things I was inspired to do for raisetheroof and I realise now, the night before the event that I havent done a single one of them!  Those things were:

1) a LMHR (Love Music Hate Racism) art installation – some sort of saying or a proverb that relates to xenophobia/racism, printed in large display.  Audience are invited to write thoughts and comments and add them to the display.

2) a ‘Door to Perception’ – a psychedelically painted door still on its hinges that people can walk through, for no reason other than the random fun of it.

3) The Love Bug – giant cushioned bug that people can write messages to who they fancy and attach to the bug for luck. (The giant bug was more or less achieved by the Krafty Sluts but part of it remains unsewn and it lacks the provision of message writing materials)

4) Photo-bunting – bunting made out of photographs, images and logos all relating to the LMHR’s struggles against the BNP, and strung up around the campaign’s stall. (a girl did volunteer to do this, sounded really enthusiastic about helping out and then we never heard from her again).

5) A detailed raisetheroof programme/fanzine – a low-fi booklet with articles about raisetheroof, running order of the night, good quotes, poetry, and random stuff. (I got halfway through drawing one up and realised I was not only shit at drawing but ill-equipped at wit under pressure, if at all)

So there we have it. Five failings. My arm is hurting writing this! Yesterday’s six hours flyering student houses was a bad idea, the most gruelling day begins with a body that feels like its ran a marathon.  But on the plus side, there’s only 24 hours to go until I can sit down with a beer.


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