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Project Raisetheroof is based on the principle that the more you involve a community in producing its own cultural events, the more relevant and colourful those events can be. We also believe that there is a lot more to a night out than just a list of bands or DJs. We’re dedicated to reflecting diversity through offering a myriad of different activities, quirks and musical styles.

Inspired by the Boutique festival movement, we’re excited by spaces that erode the distinctions between artist, audience, producer and consumer; and that is exactly what we attempt to create at Raisetheroof. Though we will bring you top-notch live bands, shift your focus from the stage and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Part-funded by the Bradford company Unltd, the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, Raisetheroof acts as a volunteer opportunities provider for adults based in the areas of Chapeltown, Woodhouse, Roundhay, Chapel Allerton and Hyde Park. During the six months preceding the event, volunteering opportunities involve the various fields of production that bring together the festival, including the creation of art installations, participating in décor-making workshops and performance art, through to publicity, event co-ordination and marketing.

Currently Raisetheroof is organized by Roxy Yeganegy and Nadine Cuddy, who juggle the task with a part time job, a full time PhD, and printing the local magazine No-TiTLE. Our vision is to set up a financially sustainable social enterprise by 2012, allowing us to continue to produce events that offer value for money, attention to detail, and most importantly, participative experiences.


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  1. * jordy pants says:

    Great.. I’m in!

    If anyone’s driving up from Southampton that day, I’d be more than happy to split the ride 🙂

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 7 months ago

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