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raisetheroof is a research project.  There are three key elements to raisetheroof that each feed into each other in a reciprocal way. 
raisetheroof: Community art  – the Krafty Sluts is the preferred tongue-in-cheek name of the regular art club that meets every week to socialise and make artwork. Though this is primarily a social occasion, the productivity of the club is oriented towards producing thematic decor for raisetheroof live events. Often the group will link up to other events to provide them with art and decor.  Krafty Sluts is a completely open and welcoming group for anyone that wants to be creative.
raisetheroof: Live events  – the regular live shows produced by raisetheroof provides the opportunity to showcase art from many aspects of the local community.  A ‘multi-arts’ platform, raisetheroof aims to place visual art, performance art and the audience itself on an equal footing to the the music and the musicians. Raisetheroof is an experimental event that prioritises imagination, diversity and attention to detail.  
raisetheroof: Postgraduate research – the impacts of raisetheroof are a key source of information (and inspiration!) to a research degree being undertaken split-site over the Leeds University School of Music and the Performance and Cultural Industries. The research began with an interest in the intersection between social activism and entertainment and is now narrowing its focus on participation, processes of re-enchantment and Boutique events
The research

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